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Johnny Urrutia is experienced, dependable and will fight to protect your interests.

Over 14 Years Of Experience

Located in Austin, bilingual attorney Johnny Urrutia with The Law Office of Johnny Urrutia has been handling a wide range of legal matters for individuals and families throughout Travis County and beyond.

Prior to obtaining his law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Johnny was an active service member with the U.S. Marine Corps. He is a fighter and will work hard to protect you and your interests every step of the way.

Serving Austin Texas And Surrounding Communities

A U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Who Will Fight For You

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Practicing Criminal Defense For Decades

Johnny defends against all types of criminal charges. Whether you need help fighting a speeding ticket, wish to keep your license after getting arrested for a DUI or are facing drug possession charges, Johnny has over a decade of experience.

He can help you avoid jail time, driver’s license suspension and more. Let him use his experience to find the best outcome for your circumstance.

Resolving All Types Of Family Law Matters

Johnny also assists individuals and families in finding solutions to a wide range of family law matters. He helps individuals obtain divorces, and finds resolutions to contested child custody and support matters. Johnny also frequently helps individuals who need to modify an existing child support or child custody court order due to a change in job or relocation.

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If you are looking for an experienced, dependable lawyer, schedule an appointment with Johnny at his office in Austin today. Call 512-215-4940 or send an email.

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